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Best Cooking Oil in India

We purchase ground nut from Kurnool, A.P, Gujarath, Rajasthan from who maintain standard quality and supply good quality, Cotton seed Oil supply from Guntur, Palm Oil from Kakinada and Krishna patnam ports, Rice Bran Oil from local and east, west Godavari, Sunflower Ref from both ports, Soyabean oil from Hyderabad, lathore and both ports.

Our core values ...

  • Customer Orientation
  • Quality First
  • Team Work
  • Innovation

Eat Good - Feel Good

The company Sri Venkata Kusuma Haranath Oil Traders was incorporated in 1997, by its chairman and CMD Mr. Chithirala Venkata Haranath. We started wholesale and retail Edible Oils business in 2006. We supply all types of Edible Oils like Groundnut Oil, Cotton Seed Ref Oil, Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Ref Oil, Soybeans Ref Oil, Coconut Oil, Deepam Oil. We are the leading oil traders who maintains permitted stock at all times supply. In 2009 we started supply of all kinds of Edible oils in all types of sku's such as 15 kg, 15 ltrs, 1 ltrs, 500ml, 5 ltrs with the brand name of SKH Haranath. Recently we launched our new brand the flagship company of SKH Haranath group called NITYAM.

Years Of Experience
Happy Families
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Product Variations

We maintain good quality of all Edible Oils and we get good reviews from our customers, retailers, and our distributors. we are growing day by day from the beginning. Since good quality is our motive, and the quality we maintain in edible oil market for sure we are proud to say that we are supplying all types of edible oils under our own brand without compromising on quality. Our edible oils are available continuously 365 days through bulk or loose sales, retail from 2kg onwards bulk through Barrels, 15 Kg Tin, 15 L Tin, 5 L Jar(5 X 4), 1 L Pouch, 500 ML Pouch, 250 ML Pouch, 1 L Bottle, 500 ML Bottle in all our outlets. SHOP NOW >>

Strategic Location

One of the major advantages of the SKH Haranath group is its strategic location. The company has intentionally set up base in the middle of an oil-seed belt. This way, it is ensured of a regular supply of product. Having a port close by is an added plus advantage. Finally, its location on a national highway, provides several logistic advantages.

Marketing Strengths

The brands are backed by an extensive distribution network comprising over — retail stores, over and around …. distributors. The extensive distribution network, built over the years, is a major strength for SKH Haranath group. NITYAM has attempted to penetrate depth wise, along with opening new markets. With its emphasis on providing value goods to consumers, dual strategy of NITYAM on popular and premium range works well. With undivided focus on new channels of distribution, we have a firm footing in modern retail and prestigious hotel chains. With our alliances with prominent retail players and visible presence in all leading regional supermarkets, we hope to grow our consumer base and product portfolio.

Our Range

Chitthirala Edible Oils and Foods pvt ltd has clearly segmented its wide product range, comprising oils of cotton seed, ground nut, soya bean, sun flower, palm, coconut, deepam and also one premium vegetable oil. Years of experience and market research – not to mention a powerful ‘gut feeling’ – has enabled the Company to launch the right product, in the right market, at the right time, in the right manner. Little wonder then, that almost every product has been a runaway success.